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Geodes For Sale

Welcome to Geodes For Sale. Geodes are beautiful creations that can be collected and admired. There are many varietes which can be found all over the world. Hunt them yourself or buy them from others. Whether you are a rock enthusiast, decorator or just someone who likes to look at them, this site is just for you.

Geodes are rock formations which occur in volcanic and sedimentary rock. They contain beautiful crystal formations within rock cavities. Some geodes are filled with solid crystals called nudules. The crystals are usually clear, but some contain purple amethyst, agate, jasper, etc. Geodes can be found in the United States, Brazil, Namibia, and Mexico. They are located in desert, volcanic beds and areas containing limestone.

Geodes begin as bubbles in volcanic rock or mud balls in sedimentary  rock. It takes thousands of years for the crystals to form inside the cavity. The beauty of the geode can only be discovered when it is cracked open. No two geodes are alike, which makes the hunt for them so exciting. The rarest geodes are amethyst crystals or black calcites.

Another name for these beautiful rocks are  thundereggs. Native American Legend believes that when the Thunder Spirits living in Mount Hood and Mount Jefferson got angry at each other they threw these rocks at one another. They stole them from Thunderbirds nests where the name comes from.

Geodes are often used for interior decorating and can be found in museums around the world. Collecting geodes is as easy as clicking on the internet for dealers or you can get your pick and bucket and hunt for them yourself. Whatever way you desire to get Geodes, Geodes For Sale has the selection and information you need. Thanks for visiting. 

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