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Geode hunting is an exciting and fun activity, but to truly enjoy the hobby you need proper geodes tools. These can be very inexpensive and once you have them your treasure hunting can begin. Heather Lindsay and EHow contributor gives a detailed listing of tools that are useful in your search for these beautiful gems.

Geodes are a popular rock hunting item, with the promise of crystalline treasure inside. Geodes consist of a plain exterior of rough rock with layers of silica or minerals inside such as quartz or calcite. The crystalline shapes found in a geode's hollow interior were formed by a long cooling period, though some, called nodules, have a solid interior. They are found in specific areas of the American Midwest and Southwest, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa in limestone deposits or certain volcanic formations.  

  1. Collecting Tools

    • Collecting and digging up geodes requires at least a pail, pickax and shovel. A variety of hammers and chisels are also useful for breaking up soil or rock. A mattock is an effective ground-breaking tool with one end a pick and the other a cutter or pickax. The flat head is also used for prying up rock. A geologist's hammer is a smaller version of the mattock. The head of a geologist's tool usually has a hammer on one side and a pick or chisel on the other side.

    Opening Tools

    • A hammer and chisel are the basic tools used to split geodes open, applied with a light touch. More serious geode hunters can invest in a soil pipe cutter or a rock saw, though the rock saw may harm crystal formations inside the geode by cutting them in half. The soil pipe cutter looks like a large nutcracker with a chain attached. The chain is lined with carbide wheels that score the rock and apply equal pressure around the circumference to split it in half. The rock saw is also useful for cutting slices off a geode.

    Safety Tools

    • Safety glasses are an essential item in any geode-hunter's toolkit. These help protect your eyes from flying dirt or rock chips. Gloves are also helpful to protect your hands from blistering when using tools over extended periods of time and when handling rocks or prying them out of the ground. Steel-toed boots or heavy-duty hiking boots help protect your feet from dropped rocks, as well as providing ankle support when traversing rough ground to find geodes. When exploring an unfamiliar area on a geode hunt, it is always a good idea to bring a backpack with hiking supplies such as a map and compass, a first aid kit and a supply of water.

Uncovering a geode in a dry creek bed is very exciting. When opening the rock you never know what's inside. Geodes tools will help you in a journey for these mystical stones.

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